FLYAROO Fitness Launches Nationwide Certification Tour! FLYAROO Fitness: Children’s exercise program, focusing on dance, fitness, & yoga routines using themed classes and imagination. Mission: Encourage a new generation of kids to become fit and healthy with FLYAROO Fitness. Become the 1st instructor in your city: The first instructor in each city will have the opportunity to work with our PR department to generate publicity and inform the local community that you are available to begin teaching classes. How to become the … Continue reading


Do what you love, love what you do, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life! My name is Ethel Baumberg and I’m the co-founder of FLYAROO Fitness. This is the story of how I arrived to where I am today, the lessons I learned along the way, the people who have inspired me, and how you can benefit from reading my story. “The great aim of education is not knowledge, but action” I began my career … Continue reading

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Long gone are the days when kids played outside only to come home each day to eat and then again at night when the street lights came on. Kids rode their bikes, ran up slides, rolled down hills, jumped off picnic tables, jumped rope, played hopscotch and hide-and-go-seek. In addition, pickup games of various sports could be found throughout neighborhoods, parks and playgrounds. Without realizing, kids through their play and non-structured activities were enhancing their development as human beings: socially, … Continue reading


The concept of #DreamBIG derived from a fleeting moment of clarity when we [FLYAROO Fitness founders Ethel Baumberg and Ashley Spicer] said out loud, “There’s a need for imaginative, fun fitness programs for preschoolers; let’s imagine what that would be like.” From that moment on, we were using our imagination to envision ourselves years down the road, developing and selling a preschool fitness program that could touch the lives of thousands of children. Having dreams and aspirations is a result … Continue reading


  As a former personal trainer and group fitness instructor, I was always faced with a major dilemma- how do I get the people who hate exercising to fall in love with fitness classes? And what types of classes would those naysayers love? I know that I’m not the only instructor who has had to help non-exercisers overcome their fear of lifting weights, spinning on a pole, running a 5K, or even showing up to classes. It’s not only a … Continue reading

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