Sometimes exercising in the summer can be the last thing on our minds. There is so much to do and see, like trying out that restaurant that has an amazing outdoor patio to eat on or lay on the beach with your family, that being fit isn’t even on your radar. So why not try a new workout this summer that can put you on the beach with your family and get you in shape to wear that haute bikini … Continue reading


  There must be some sort of madness behind the excitement of playground fitness for the whole family. The idea was developed when Ashley and I put our heads together. This is what most of our conversations are like: Me (Ethel): “Ash, we need a new theme for the summer. I liked zoo, but the zoo can be taught in the fall. Where can instructors across the country go in the summer?” Ash: “Well, kids love going to the park … Continue reading

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Word from Ethel: I had so much fun interviewing for this article! Read more and enjoy =) For Ethel Baumberg, teaching youngsters to love exercising by having fun was the chance to turn a generation of children towards a lifetime fitness regimen. With her partner Ashley Spicer, Baumberg founded FLYAROO Fitness, an exercise program which combines yoga and dance with a child’s imagination. “Now kids are in all these extracurricular activities and they never have free time. So we are … Continue reading


When Ashley Spicer and Ethel Baumberg started teaching yoga-style preschool fitness classes at daycare centers and gyms around New York, they were surprised at how popular their program became in a short time.  Spicer says she and Baumberg were routinely asked to come back and teach more classes. And word began to spread. “We started getting inquiries from across the country,” Spicer says. The two entrepreneurs, who started their company in 2013, realized they had a winning formula and trademarked … Continue reading

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Featured FLYAROO Fitness Instructor- Alex Narrea Q: There are thousands of fitness programs, why FLYAROO Fitness and why kids? A. FLYAROO Fitness is unique in that it allows you to customize a class depending on theme, age and skills. I love working with children because they are pure joy! They really work so hard and are so proud of themselves when they master something new. Their smiles are priceless. Q: What were you doing before you met us? A. I … Continue reading

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Playground Fitness- Circuit Training The best way to get through the whole circuit is to alternate between lower body and upper body exercises. We also focus on core and aerobics. It’s important to start with exercises that are most difficult and take the most energy from your body. To get the most out of your workout, especially if you’re in a group setting, time the exercises instead of counting reps. To warm-up with a child, make it more fun and … Continue reading

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