In the winter of 2015, the FLYAROO Fitness Crew packed our bags and headed out west to Los Angeles for the #LAFITEXPO. It took us two years to build the company so we could debut the certification during this amazing event. February 7-8, 2015 was a monumental weekend for the company. FLYAROO Fitness was debuting as a national program and online instructor certification. The positivity we received from our booth visitors at the expo and the other businesses that shared … Continue reading


I was 19 when I started to exercise. As a child, I failed at every sport imaginable: field hockey, gymnastics, cheerleading, dance, and every sport we were forced to play in gym class. By high school, I had perfected the “sprained hand, twisted ankle, PMS” routine. I spent more time in study than I did participating in any class that involved physical activities. When we played volleyball, I hid in the back corner to avoid the ball. When we played … Continue reading

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Hi everyone! Meet Lauren from upstate NY. She has been working for a few months and is always sending us pictures of the kids! Q: There are thousands of fitness programs, why FLYAROO Fitness and why kids? A. Working with kids is the most rewarding thing to do.  Kid’s fitness ahs always been a passion of mine but now that I have a three year old son, I am even more passionate about it. FLYAROO Fitness is a great fit for … Continue reading


Hey everyone! Ethel here… I was just chatting our PR team this week about the benefits of exercise for both adults and children. Sure, we can write out an entire list for you, but what would that do if you don’t experience the benefits yourself? So here’s my story of how I had my first taste of improved sleep, increased productivity, and all those feel good endorphins.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that children get 60 minutes or more of physical activity each day — with the majority of that time being moderate in intensity. Quality active play has been linked to better academics as well as better health. Savvy parents know the importance of staying active as a family to encourage kids to be healthy. Yet staying active during the school year can be challenging when all of the responsibilities of classwork and homework … Continue reading

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