Stacey Martin is one of our newest certified FLYAROO Fitness Instructors this fall! She sped through her training and excelled in every assignment. We’re so proud and excited to have a talented and successful woman on our #FLYAROOteam!

  1. Out of all the fitness programs out in the market, why did you choose FLYAROO Fitness? I chose FLYAROO because it is a program created specifically for children, with an academic component along with the movement activities. Dance has always been a passion of mine, and more recently, I have discovered the benefits of yoga. With a background in education and an interest in health and wellness, FLYAROO seemed to be the perfect combination for me.
  2. What was the online training like for you? The online training was great. I enjoyed the flexibility it offered, to work at my own pace, but with support always an email or phone call away.
  3. What was the process of going out to teach and book classes after you became certified? It’s all about networking. Talking to friends and family, reconnecting with acquaintances, and meeting new people. My focus has been mostly on working with yoga and dance studios, and recreation programs for children. I’m looking forward to seeing where the FLYAROO adventure takes me!
  4. What makes you, YOU? I am a lifelong learner – constantly reading, taking classes, connecting with people and trying new experiences. Working with children allows me to see the world through their eyes, full of wonder and enthusiasm. I try to bring this perspective to my own life, to live passionately and to share my gifts with others. That, and I really, really love to drink tea. :)
  5. What do you hope for the new generation of FLYAROO Fit Kids? My mission is to empower families to live healthier and happier!

    Stacey: A big shout out, thank you, and lots of love for all those who have supported me on my FLYAROO Fitness journey!!! I am so blessed to have such amazing friends and family (including my 2 dogs – Buster & Bailey) who have encouraged me to follow my heart and share my passion with young children and their families. <3

    Get in touch with Stacey!!,, or She’s located in Rochester, NY. Read more about our certified instructors here.

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