When I was young, I always dreamt of working for myself, working from home, and being on my own time schedule. Today, I am fortunate to be in the position where my dreams are slowly  coming true. I get to work for myself, answer to myself (and Ashley, of course!), eat breakfast as I’m setting up my office for the day, have my own dress code, etc. Life is good.
However, when I started working for myself at home every day, I struggled. I had more work every day and my biggest downfall was time management. There were several steps I took to help me gain my productivity without gaining hours in the day (which is impossible).
1. At night, prep your work for the following day in order of time sensitive priorities to miscellaneous without a strict timeline. Estimate how much time it will take to accomplish each task. Eventually, the bottom of your to do list will make its way to the top.
2. Make time for yourself. If you’re going to schedule in your meetings, phone calls, skype conferences, and all your to do list, make sure you’re always making your gym and lunch session an appointment you can’t miss. I have clients, partners, and team calls almost every single day from all over the world. I never override my gym session for a call. And you know what, everyone understands when I say “oh, that’s my fitness class time”.
3. Emails. The emails are never-ending. I receive emails on 5 different accounts at all hours of the day, on holidays, and whenever anyone is working on the other side of the globe. Emails can wait. Hit those priority list tasks, then check your email. Better yet, make email time 2-3 times per day for reading and responding. Otherwise, your entire day can be consumed by it.

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