Ambassador Team

Welcome to FLYAROO Fitness Ambassador Team!


Do you want to become an Ambassador? CLICK HERE to fill out our application. 

You will each have a custom link that you will use to attract new people to our website. You will be paid for every person who signs up for our online academy to become a certified FLYAROO Fitness Instructor. Non-Instructors are paid $20/ sign up and Certified Instructors are paid $25/ sign up.

GOALS: Company goals that will be reached with your help! Each goal is assigned an additional cash prize. We may make some of these goals into contests too!

MILESTONES: These are fun contests that you will either be completing on your own time with assigned cash prizes.

PRIMARY GOAL: We want more instructors to be joining the FLYAROO Fitness Crew!

Goal #1: @ Least 1 Instructor in Every State & Country

Sign ups can come from any state or country. If your referral is from a state/ country not listed below, you will receive an additional $10 commission! I will be posting everytime we get a new location covered on here, Facebook, and on our Facebook Group Page.

1) NJ 2) NY 3) CO 4) CA 5) VA

Milestones: in any order

Milestone 1: Website Hits

Post the link on your website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email blasts, etc.

Once you hit 1,000 unique visitors on your custom link, we will send you $20

Milestone 2: Chalking

This is a fun one. Chalk our website: 5x in different locations on the pavement (private or public) and/or on the blackboard at school (college), take a picture, and post it on your social media tagging #FLYAROOFitness and our Facebook page for an additional $15.

Milestone 3: Sharing on Facebook

Share our message on your personal Facebook Page. If you can get 20 people to share your status by tagging #FLYAROOFitness and our Facebook Page, we’ll give you $15. Make sure your custom link is on the post so we can track your referrals and hits on the website.

Milestone 4: Phone Calls

Interested in taking on a higher role? We need ambassadors to call preschools all over the country and let directors know that their school can be licensed in our program! Learn more here:

We send you the call list and we pay you per phone call. All you need to do is follow our script, log your hours, and send us your phone bill at the end of the month.

Milestone 5: 30 Day Challenge

Post a picture of you or someone you know doing one FLYAROO Fitness move each day for one month. Tag #FLYAROOFitness and our Instagram so we can keep track. If you complete the 30 Day Challenge, we will give you $20.