Keep Your Mind Young Through Imaginative Play As a society, we are in the constant search for the fountain of youth. To keep our body young, we make the choice to exercise and eat a healthy diet filled with fruits, lean meats and vegetables. We use anti-aging and SPF creams to keep our skin vibrant and protected from the sun’s dangerous rays. We may also try a new haircut inspired by young hollywood stars we see on TV. But what … Continue reading

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( – Children who are active and exercise daily are more likely to build stronger muscles and bones, have a better outlook on life, have higher self-esteem and sleep better. According to The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, children should have at least 60 minutes of daily structured physical activity. However, one in every four children do not meet this guideline. In addition, chronic illnesses are on the rise due to childhood obesity: 52% are high risk for … Continue reading

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When Ashley Spicer and Ethel Baumberg started teaching yoga-style preschool fitness classes at daycare centers and gyms around New York, they were surprised at how popular their program became in a short time.  Spicer says she and Baumberg were routinely asked to come back and teach more classes. And word began to spread. “We started getting inquiries from across the country,” Spicer says. The two entrepreneurs, who started their company in 2013, realized they had a winning formula and trademarked … Continue reading

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