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Basic Tips for Newbies

  • Community centers (before and after school programs)
  • Recreational departments
  • Private preschools
  • Public preschools in school district
  • Birthday parties
  • Gyms and private studios
  • Karate studios
  • Apartment complexes
  • Outdoor classes
  • Summer camps
    • Instructors make between $0- $150 per hour depending on your location and demographics
    • Ideas of how to be compensated: Become an employee and receive a standard hourly rate, become an independent contract and provide companies with your rate, rent space from a center and charge per child
    • Explore your options: Benchmark what similar companies are charging in various settings and/or offer discounts for packages if charging per child.
  1. Make a list of places to work & their contact information
  2. Cold call or send out marketing materials to the list
  3. Schedule an introductory meetings with owners/ directors
  4. Offer a free 20-30 minute demonstration of your class
  • Review the benefits of the FLYAROO Fitness program
  • Be persistent and follow up with all your demos and classes
  • Advertise classes online or through your own website
  • Wear FLYAROO Fitness apparel to spread the word
  • Remain a current FIN member to keep your schedule / contact information on the website
  • FIN membership is $30 per month. We automatically charge you on a monthly basis.
  • If you cancel your FIN membership during your first year as an instructor, your certification will expire within one year of receiving your certification.
  • If you cancel your FIN membership after your first year as an instructor, your certification will expire immediately.
  • If there are any changes in your credit card or billing information, please email (our accounting department)

Accounting information: (Mila Mashkovich)

All other questions: (Ethel Baumberg)

Website Issues: (Thalita Ortega)


Our (Personal) Story of How We Grew FLYAROO Fitness

  • First thing we did was choose a location. Since Ashley lives in northern NJ, we made a list of 20+ towns within a 15 mile radius. From there, we made a complimentary list of all the preschools, gyms, recreational/community centers, etc in those towns.

Once you have a list in front of you, begin cold-calling.

Ideas of how to sell yourself during a cold-call:

  • Clearly state your name, where you’re calling from, and the program name: “Good morning, this is [name] from [your facility/ unless you’re on your own]. I’m calling to speak to [your director, your owner, etc./ contact name]
  • You can state your name again and introduce FLYAROO Fitness. Use the program’s description and explain what you’re offering [a free demo of the program, 8 week-session, mommy & me, etc.]. Also, add the benefits o fFLYAROO Fitness for their location.
  • Continue with important information [your rate, how long the classes are, ages for kids in the FLYAROO Fitness classes, etc.]

Always remember: Ask for all contact information of the person in charge before you hang up or leave the site

You can offer either a free or a paid demo. We generally like to offer a 20-30 minute, free demo to preschools, or paid introduction classes to gyms, community centers, and your own classes where you rent space/ teach outside.

It would be beneficial to you as an instructor and your students to divide the classes by ages. The attention span of younger children is shorter than 4-6 year olds. Please time the classes appropriately.

Mommy & Me: 30-45 minutes (parents/guardians join kids in a class- for all ages)
18 months – 2 years: 20 – 25 minutes
2.5 years – 3 years: 30 – 45 minutes
3.5 years – 4.5 years: 30 – 45 minutes
5 years – 6 years: 30 – 60 minutes

After the demo, meet with the director/owner and sell yourself! This is a good time to review your pricing and the amount of classes you’ll be teaching in this location. Most of our preschool programs are ongoing weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Gyms and community centers are more likely to offer 4-8 week sessions.

Our preschools are loyal customers. They refer us to new schools and we offer them a referral bonus (1 free class). We also like to send them updates on what we’re doing as a company and thank you cards!

Following up with your customers will make them happy!


Playlist Help!

We’re constantly creating playlists for your classes and that’s a challenge in itself. Our best advice is to start mixing and matching as you accumulate more playlists from the FLYAROO Fitness Team and from your own work.

Block 1: The Welcome Block can be mixed and matched with different classes. We encourage you to create your own block 1 or use any of our choreography to mix and match for all your classes. We use some themed Welcome Blocks, but some are not themed and can be reused.

Block 3: The Traveling Block is a lot of fun to use and play around! If you’re going to space, how will you get there? Use your imagination to ignite your students’ imagination! That’s the goal. You can ask them how they want to get to their destination and have some options available for the classes once you become more comfortable with teaching the program.

Here is a list of ideas for your traveling section. Be creative and have fun!

By Air: Airplane, Kite, Hot air balloon
By Land: Car, Taxi, Bus, Trolley
By Water: Boat, Swimming, Kayak, Surfing
By Animal: Horse, Donkey, Dinosaur