Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

Who is FLYAROO Fitness?

FLYAROO Fitness is a fun enrichment program that focuses on yoga, dance, and basic skills. We implement themes into our choreography such as taking a trip to the beach or going to the zoo, all by using our imagination!

The program was developed by Co-Founders: Ethel Baumberg & Ashley Spicer in 2013 and has been implemented in over 50 schools, community centers, and gyms, inspiring more than 1,000 children to fall in love with the fun, imaginative, and exciting movement program

What's the vision of FLYAROO Fitness?

Our mission is to inspire a new generation of fit and healthy children to fall in love with being active and enjoying their structured fitness classes. The only way for us to do this on a large scale is to train and certify fitness enthusiasts, schools, teachers, community centers, fitness trainers, etc.

Our vision is to grow FLYAROO Fitness globally, motivating not only children, but also adult to use their imaginations and bring themes to life when teaching fitness classes. This is a program for families, children PreK-5th grade, and instructors.

Who is the program for?

KIDS! FLYAROO Fitness is for grades PreK- 5th.

YOU! In order for more FLYAROO Fitness classes to appear in your community, we need fitness enthusiasts, teachers, professionals, etc. to become certified in the program.

FAMILIES! Families know that their kids are in good hands with FLYAROO Fitness Instructors. All instructors are thoroughly trained through online training workshops. The workshops include training in basic skills, dance, and yoga; as well as safety, injury prevention, and basic child development.

SCHOOLS & COMMUNITY CENTERS! Nurseries & preschools are not mandated to have physical education for their students. FLYAROO Fitness offers professional development workshops to license schools in the program, allowing teachers and staff to implement the program without hiring outside instructors.

GYMS & FITNESS STUDIOS!  If you own a gym or studio, you can hire a FLYAROO Fitness Instructor or train your own staff to teach classes during peak hours in the babysitting room or in an additional space in the building.

What is unique about FLYAROO Fitness?

We combined dance, yoga, and basic skills into one program. Every class, we bring a theme to life with fun and exciting adventures around the world by tapping into the child’s imagination. Example of our themes include, but are not limited to:

  • Going to the zoo/ circus/ on vacation
  • Celebrating a holiday with exercise
  • Traveling around the world, discovering new cultures

Our curriculum is developed by lead choreographer, Ashley Spicer and fitness professional/ health educator, Ethel Baumberg. Every month, we have a new theme, new playlist, and new choreography!

How long are the classes?

  • 15-20 minutes for 18 months – 2.5 years
  • 20-30 minutes for ages 2.5 – 3.5 years
  • 30-45 minutes for ages 4+ years

Certificated instructors are not required to abide by our options for classes.

Where are classes taught?

We’re experts in using our imagination and encourage you to do the same! When considering to Become a FLYAROO Fitness Instructor, you’re going to wonder where you can teach the classes. Here are some examples:

  • Preschools & Nurseries
  • Summer & Vacation Camps
  • After School Programs
  • Recreational & Community Centers
  • Gyms & Fitness studios
  • Playgroups & Outdoors
  • Birthday Parties & Special Events
  • Family Fitness Classes